OPERATION HONOR Is Proud to Announce we have signed an agreement to purchase 2.5 Acres of land that will soon be our new Home for PATRIOTS LANDING !

Patriots Landing: A Rural Faith-Based Veterans Complex Centered Around Healing

Patriots Landing Initiative

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Patriots Landing will be a rural, faith-based veterans complex and will house multiple programs all centered around healing while Enhancing the Lives of Veterans and their Families.   We now have an even greater opportunity, and responsibility to move forward with our vision and will be able to provide a stable, healthy, one stop environment for many more veterans in need to heal, grow in faith, and learn valuable job skills. We engage in unique, community-based programs that not only help veterans feel a sense of self-worth, but allows them to bond with their comrades who also answered the call.

Purposes and Scope. Per our Articles of Incorporation:

  1. to provide job and volunteer opportunities for veterans in need, instruction and life skills taught in the craft of wood working, and a safe, welcoming environment for those dealing with the pressures of post service life;
  2. to provide state of the art facilities, equipment, and a unique faith-based environment for veterans to engage in the program providing not only a place to be creative, but also a place to heal and help heal among their peers;
  3. to sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote the well-being of our veterans and their families in our communities.

Operation Honor has an active and passionate Board of Directors, a dedicated and experienced Advisory Committee, and a multitude of key relationships we have developed over the last eleven years that will allow us to create this one of a kind, unique, self-sustaining veterans complex right here in the great state of Kentucky. The 2020 pandemic has had so many unforeseen consequences. Veterans in particular are struggling with isolation and depression now more than ever. The suicide rate has gone up from an already unacceptable level and many of these men and women do not have a place they can go to talk to peers and heal. Patriots Landing will fill that void and then some for hundreds of veterans.

Once erected, we expect many thousands of Veterans, Patriots, and Christians will visit and have the opportunity to be educated about the many veterans who struggle in rural, underserved areas.  We know from experience, these visitors will support our facility by either purchasing a Veteran-Crafted Product With a Purpose, or by making a donation to our charity during their visit. 

The PL complex will initially focus on healing through these 5 key programs:

  • Job Skills Training in the Julian Wills Veterans Carpenter Shop
  • On the Job training through Warriors at Work
  • Celebrate Recovery Program
  • The Congressional Medal of Honor Character Development Program
  • Way of Life Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Peer Mentoring with a faith-based approach

Our team is committed to becoming a resource for ALL VETERANS and will be well recognized as a regional solution for many veterans who either do not have access to traditional assistance programs, or who have tried working with traditional VA type programs with no success.

To review our 2021 Strategic Business Plan, CLICK on the link below:


 You can download the donation letter and form from Colonel Kanewske, our Advisory Committee Director by CLICKING this link:  DONATION LETTER


Joe Montgomery
Founder & Board Chair, Operation Honor
If you would like to contribute resources, materials, or make a donation, please do so today. We will continue to work every day to Enhance the Lives of Veterans and Their Families.