ANNOUNCING: Operation Honor's Commemorative Brick fundraiser to help build the Julian Wills Veterans Workshop. Sponsor your personalized Memorial Brick today and Help us Help them!

Our Mission

Operation Honor began over 10 years ago when a small group of patriots decided to give back to those who answered the call. We began hiring disabled veterans to make custom tailgating equipment and then delivered it to our troops all over the world. As we grew, it became apparent that becoming a 501(c)3 Public Charity would allow us to help more veterans. To better convey our mission, we became Operation Honor.  We now hire veterans to Hand-Craft Flag Cases and other Products With a Purpose. We were honored to visit The Old Guard at Ft. Meyer and while there, we were askd to be the only Burial Flag Case offered at Arlington National Cemetery! 

On Veterans Day 2016 we delivered our first six Veteran-Made Burial Flag Cases to Arlington National Cemetery and have been making them for patriots all over America ever since.

If you would like to contribute resources, materials, or make a donation, please do so today. We will continue to work every day to Enhance the Lives of Veterans and Their Families.

Joe Montgomery
Founder Operation Honor