About Us

Marine Honor Guard

Operation Honor was an idea over 6 years ago when a group of veterans and patriots decided to give something back. Tailgating for Troops was our first endeavor. We began paying disabled veterans to make custom tailgating equipment and then shipped it to our troops all over the world. We have grown and added additional programs and officially became a 501(c)3 Public Charity in February of 2015. To better convey our mission, our board decided to re-brand and changed the name of our charity to Operation Honor in early 2016.  Finally, we have recently added a critical piece to our program.  We are hiring veterans to Hand-Craft Flag Cases to sell and donate to our veteran cemeteries across the nation. We recently visited The Old Guard at Ft. Meyer and while there, received permission to sell our veteran made flag cases at Arlington National Cemetery! 

On Veterans Day 2016 we delivered our first six Veteran made Burial Flag Cases to Arlington National Cemetery.

Our entire focus right now is to gather enough resources and funds to build our Veterans Warehouse and Technical Center that will allow us to expand our program exponentially.  If you would like to contribute resources, materials, or make a donation, please do so today. https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=ZCkqnuQI2-OmS0S4-eNa8uDvJjHl5EQAT9htrxGay5Iz7S223pARs9Q4F8NQSnQkTLHFA0

Warm Regards,

Joe Montgomery
Founder,  Operation Honor